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Dance Witness 

Eyal Hirsch 

My Vision

Since the first time that I held the camera in my hands, we clicked 
naturally. It became a tube through which I witness the world. 
I visualise the opportunity to unite people, tie cultures and capture 
moments that put aside any language barrier. 
While exploring and traveling our planet, I meet countless people 
from various cultures. I let my camera lead me through these 
journeys. That’s why I never get lost.

”Being a dance photographer means, naturally, being a dancer as well. An inevitable part of the dance itself.

Being so close to the scene allows me to capture the dancer’s life. Not just his movement.

I have the privilege to be a witness of the dancer’s movements from an angle and from a distance like no other.
When I photograph dance I feel like a hunter, looking for the perfect moment to shoot."

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