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Devoted to the camera for over three decades, Eyal Hirsch is a modern dance documenter. 
A grasper of moments. An explorer devoted to seeing the world from the angles 
of others. Moving with the movements of dancers across the globe. A tour guide. 
Always eager to share his passion for photography, travel and dance with the people 
of our planet. No matter what side of the lens they are on. 
“Life is made of millions of shrapnel. With the help of photography I am able to 
preserve some of them”. 

Dance Witness 
2007-2019 - Documenting international dance companies and independent creators 
o Israeli Ballet Company 
o Kame’aa Company, Israel 
o Navdhara Company, Mumbai, India 
o Orly Portal Company, Israel 
o Beta Company, Israel 
o Israeli Flamenco Company 
2016 – current - Home photographer of the ‘Israeli Kibbutz Contemporary Dance 
Company’ - The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company is an internationally acclaimed 
dance company founded in 1970 by the Israel Prize laureate Yehudit Arnon.

'A year into North America' - Single Photography Exhibition, 2002, San Antonio, Texas, USA
'Portraits' - Single Photography Exhibition, 2007,Tel Aviv, Israel
'Cultures of the World' - Single Photo Exhibition, 2012, Seville, Spain
'A Passage through Morocco' - Group Exhibition, 2015, Jerusalem, Israel
'Global Journeys' - Group Exhibition, 2016,Tel Aviv, Israel 
'Synergy' - Single Exhibition, 2019, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Kibbutz Kfar Masaryk, 

Books and publications 
2006 - Globe International Holding documentary book - a 25 year summary of 
Israeli projects in Nigeria 
2007 - A leading photographer, 'Israel Artists Book' - six decades of Israeli culture, 
published towards Israel 60th anniversary, funded by the Israeli Ministry of Education 

1985 - 1986 - Still photography, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel 
1986-1988 - Still photography, Camera Obscura, Jerusalem, Israel 
1991-1996 - Gavra Mendil Photography School - specialized in: portraits, 
air photography, advertisement, artificial lightning photography
1992 - 1995 - Film Studies, Faculty of Visual Arts, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Hirsch Eyal cell + 972502320040 E-mail


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